4LYN – Nostalgia:

4LYN, admittedly “the most famous band you’ve never heard of,” is now giving you a reason to remember it by offering a free song download via its MySpace profile. “Nostalgia,” an acid punk ballad about two teens who went their sad separate ways, is arguably one of the best German/American songs since the Scorpions produced “Hurricane,” only with a good dose of angst dripped into the mix. Fans of AFI, My Chemical Romance, Nu-Matix, and Green Day will find “Nostalgia” is an imperative addition to their punk playlist.

Bodies of Water – Doves Circle the Sky, Everybody Hurts, and These are the Eyes:

Bodies of Water, the Carpenters-ish band from California (or, as the band describes itself, “Abba meets the Muppets”), brings its fan base a trio of sunny songs from its MySpace page: “Doves Circle the Sky,” an REM cover of “Everybody Hurts,” and “These are the Eyes.” All three songs bring back memories of the seventies, if you were alive then. If you weren’t, you’ll still start seeing disco circles on your wall as you listen to these goodies on your MP3 player. Fans of The Carpenters, Abba, and The Mamas and Papas should visit Bodies of Water’s MySpace page immediately for instant listening entertainment!

Grouper – Invisible:

Fresh off the stage of SXSW (pronounced “South by Southwest” for you non-indie-rockers), Grouper brings you the free track “Invisible,” from its album “Dragging a Dead Dear Up a Hill.” This song is almost as long as its album title, but not nearly as confusing. Upon hearing this one, you’ll immediately conjure up images of Linus, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy, and the rest of the Peanuts gang singing of Christmastide. Fans of just about any indie rock group will find this one is a soft, easy, go-to-bed-listening-to-it track just waiting to be given a spot in their library.

The Hold Steady – Take Me Out to the Ball Game:

For an Indie rock twist on your favorite tune to annoy your relatives, check out The Hold Steady’s rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” It takes a while to get going, but this guitar version of the ball ballad is worth the wait. Hey, it beats hearing the hook of “We Will Rock You” over and over at your local baseball stadium. Next time you’re at a Minor League game, hack the sound system and play this little gem instead.

Jesse Malin – Going Out West (Live Version):

Direct from Brooklyn comes a young, aspiring Bob Dylan by the name of Jesse Malin. Except, his voice is much more pleasant and soothing than ol’ Bob’s. He even sounds good live, as evidenced in this Western rendition of “Going Out West.” Fans of The Ramones, Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, and Dead Kennedys will want to add this one to their playlist pronto.

Max and the Marginalized – Entire “Marginography” Album!

Think this is too good to be true? Well, it’s not. You can now download the entire twenty-one tracks of Marginography for FREE, or just choose which ones are your favorites and download them individually. No, they’re not copying Radiohead, they’re trying to be nice to their fans. However, if you’re in a benevolent mood and feel like supporting your national indie punk band, hover your mouse over that little “Donate” button and click through to help out a band with a good cause!

Nada Surf – See These Bones:

This Nada Surf treat, reminiscent of many an indie piece, comes to you free of charge for a limited time only. Hey, they have to make money too, you know! With blatant ballad overtones and smooth vocals, as well as some sweet, slow guitar riffs, “See These Bones” will not disappoint! Fans of Wolfmother and The Hold Steady will absolutely love this little freebie!

Remember, before you download any of these songs, you must be logged into your MySpace account. If you don’t have one, then create one right away before these good deals pass you by!